Sort and Slice

Sort and Slice 2.3

Sort N Slice can sort and/or reformat of column-delimited text files
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Sort N Slice is one of legacy utilities. A product oriented toward developers and technical users, Sort N Slice can sort and/or reformat of column-delimited text files. The program can skip header lines (number is configurable), use regular expressions to process variable data, and has a step-by-step GUI that allows you to graphically determine the correct processing parameters. You can specify the delimiter to use for your data and sort on multiple keys (ascending or descending, case sensitive or not) with different priorities. A special 'column modification' function, which can be used with or without simultaneous sorting, lets you pad specified columns with a user defined character. This same function also lets search/replace characters in a specified column using plain search/replace or regular expression operators. For example, in a specified column you can change the strings "One12" & "Two13" to "Three12" and "Three13" using the regular expression search/replace. Output settings let you specify which of the columns to be included in the output file and the order in which they are to appear (you don't need to include all the originals in the output). The slice function lets you eliminate duplicate lines from your data. Command line switches and scripts are available to easily manage frequent operations.

Main Features:

- Process multiple files using wild cards.

- User configurable buffer for large files &/or low memory situations.

- Delete duplicate lines in the original file during output.

- Column contents manipulation functions can be based on delimited columns or text columns.

- Regular Expression operators are a subset of grep expressions. See reg exp operators for Search & Replace for info.

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